I mentioned earlier that my New Year’s resolutions aren’t exactly things I expect to have completed by year’s end…and I questioned if it even counts as a resolution in that case.  But it got me thinking. New Year’s resolutions get a bad rap–“Only about 8 percent of people keep their resolutions all year long”. Seems that […]


Happy Friday! I’ve been feeling so inspired by the world around me lately–gratitude is the gift that keeps on giving y’all! Not even kidding, this morning I was walking through campus and the leaves are still a pretty orange-red. And all of a sudden the lightest breeze hit, and a bunch of leaves started falling […]


  I’m bacck! …Again! How late am I, right? Hopefully everyone’s been enjoying these first tastes of 2016! I look forward to poking around and catching up with everyone…any New Year’s resolutions? Fun vacays? Time to backstalk! ;) I’ve never been one for New Year’s resolutions to be honest. I’m one of those annoying “why […]


Ever feel like someone in your life is being kind of an ass to you, and you know you’ve done nothing to deserve it? That used to be one of my biggest pet peeves–I believe in treating people the way they deserve to be treated.  And I think I’m pretty good about it. Sure we […]


Are you guys into podcasts? I mentioned before that I’m a girl who likes to surround myself with positive energy & upliftment. And as you all know, that’s a constant battle in a world of wars, discontentment, and disharmony. So podcasts, along with positive Instagram accounts, meditation audios, thoughtful articles, etc. are the many ways […]


Question: Have you ever seen a photo like this?  I was scrolling through Instagram, and this photo gave me pause. I examined it for a while wondering why it seemed so novel…why was I drawn to it? And I realized I’ve never seen a photo of a Muslim U.S. serviceman!   How?! You would think […]


Dream-snatchers come in all kinds of forms. It could come from an expected source, like a rival or a frenemy. Or it could be totally unexpected, like coming from family and friends. Sometimes dream snatchers have ill intentions, and other times they may mean well, thinking instead that they’re protecting you from harm or hardship. […]


I’m starting this post with some weird advice… Pretend you’re dead. (trust me on this one) Probably one of the stranger suggestions you’ve been given on a Monday morning. But I encourage this as an activity. Pretend you’ve died, and even more important to the exercise, write your obituary. It quickly became one of the most transformative […]


Well hellloooo everyone! Did ya miss me?! :P The past month has been a whirlwind of self-exploration, a lot of soul-searching, and a little bit of travel in between. I took a break from blogging to really focus on myself, my truth, and my frankly, my attitude. I have to confess…I had been living pretty […]


  My fixation on vulnerability and how it shows up in everyday life made me ponder this the other day… I was watching a homeless panhandler from the car. I looked on as he would attempt to approach this or that person, just to have them keep on walking and rarely acknowledge him at all […]