For JJ, For Me.

Today I lost a good friend in a car accident, a week after a close friend lost her father to a drowning accident.

The fragility of life is beating me over the head.

And it’s so unfortunate the we have to be shaken by tragedies like this to appreciate that life is not promised, nor is it ever long enough. It is our absolute responsibility, to ourselves and to the world, to live each moment to the fullest. To follow our passions. To never settle. Life’s too short for any of it.

I knew that. But today, it’s that much more personal.

More importantly, we must be vulnerable. We must tell people we love them, be the ones to say I’m sorry; expose our dreams and dare to follow our passions. These are the things we regret most when a life is taken too soon. And it can all be avoided.

It’s very important to me that we all make the choice to take the ultimate risk: to wear our hearts on our sleeves and speak our souls, regardless of how scary or risky it is…life is just too short. I’ve never believed in anything more deeply than the power of vulnerability to transform lives for the better.

So in honor of Jennifer–JJ–who was one of the most driven, fearless, and willingly vulnerable people I knew, I will no longer wait around to take risks.

This is the first one. Welcome in.

– ♥  Sade


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