10 Ways to Embrace Vulnerability: #10 – Resist the Urge to Judge

“10 Ways to Embrace Vulnerability” Series


10. Resist the urge to judge

Ahh judgment. Everyone struggles with it. There’s nothing the ego loves more than an opportunity to boost itself. I fight it every day.

Judging someone is nothing more than placing yourself in the right, with their “wrong” as comparison; “good” to “bad”; “better” to “worse”. It suggests that only one can be favorable or respectable.

The ego needs to place itself on a pedestal to function without insecurity. But vulnerability operates on a higher level.

People who embrace vulnerability don’t need to be seen as better–they just need to be seen. Seen authentically.

To judge others is to place yourself as somehow in a position to cast judgment on them from above. Vulnerability rejects the idea that any one person is above another, so judgment, by definition, is something people who embrace vulnerability avoid.

The beautiful effect of adopting this philosophy is that you become impervious to the judgment of others as well. When you adopt a “live and let live” attitude, understanding that no one is better than anyone else and we’re all just humans in different stages of our unique journeys…you are able to ignore judgment from others.

In fact, you almost begin to pity them for their mindset. Judgment is unproductive and really only highlights a person’s areas of insecurity…the areas in which their ego needs to boost itself at the expense of another.


Eckhart Tolle said “Be the silent watcher of your thoughts and behavior.” Thoughts become actions, and actions become habits. Don’t let judging others become a habit.


2 thoughts on “10 Ways to Embrace Vulnerability: #10 – Resist the Urge to Judge

  1. I agree, this is something that seems to come so naturally that everyone struggles with it. In my experience though, when I have judged someone unfairly and harshly then life has found a way to teach me a lesson about that person’s situation. I always warn people now, don’t judge unless you’re happy to find yourself in that person’s shoes, learning to see life from their perspective!


    1. that’s a good point, I agree! I find the same thing in my life–I really try to be careful not to judge, lest life decide to teach me a thing or two about being in the very position I was judging ;)

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