10 Ways to Embrace Vulnerability: #8 – Be Honest with Yourself

8. Be honest with yourself

And I mean brutally honest.

It’s ok…it all happens in your mind, so no one has to know that you’re a scared, needy, lazy …*insert scathing descriptive adjective here* ;)

Sometimes the worst habit we have is refusing to be real with ourselves, bringing the justifications we make out loud to save face into our inner self-talk.

But we can never grow if we refuse to be honest with ourselves, and it’s a dangerous road to go down.

A huge part of vulnerability is a willingness to be honest with yourself. You can give your friends a million excuses that you, say, put up with sorry men or an insanely jealous girlfriend.

But to say “I am insecure and afraid of loneliness, and that insecurity drives my behavior in relationships”(for example)…forces you to be vulnerable with yourself in a way that’s uncomfortable. The ego doesn’t like having to acknowledge its own weaknesses.


But you can never address the problem if you fail to acknowledge it. Adopting a willingness to be honest with yourself is a major step in transforming life for the better.

– ♥ Sade



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