10 Ways to Embrace Vulnerability: #6 – Admit When You’re Wrong

6. Admit When You’re Wrong

Being wrong sucks. Let’s just get that out of the way.

We all know the feeling, midway into an argument, when a creeping feeling that you may just be wrong starts to come over you…


It isn’t easy to accept defeat when that happens—but it’s looking at the world in black-and-white terms that makes being incorrect feel like “losing”.

We all have limited depths to our knowledge, and different life experiences to pull from. You may encounter situations where someone just has a better understanding of a situation than you, or where you end up not quite knowing as much about a subject as you thought you did. There’s no shame in that.

Being wrong is only “defeat” in the eyes of the ego; the truth is, you never had anything to gain by being “right” but an ego scratch.

Admitting when you’re wrong simply acknowledges that you do not know it all, and you yield to the opportunity to grow from the situation.


Vulnerability is being willing to put yourself in the place of Student, when Teacher feels more impressive in the moment.

The paradox is, only by being willing to be Student repeatedly can someone gather the wisdom and knowledge it takes to be Teacher.

Being vulnerable enough to admit you have more to learn is how growth happens.

– ♥ Sade


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