You Are Way More The Sh*t Than You Think You Are

It may not surprise you that I’m one of those people who follows a bunch of inspirational, positive energy Instagram accounts. :) Yes, I am That Girl.

Sometimes the quotes are corny (and the background photo even worse…)


why God. no.

But most of the time I find that bombarding myself with positive messages is a good way to keep my energy up. Keep the good vibes comin, & all that.

This morning I opened Instagram to a post that really resonated with me:

This speaks to me so much.

We’re surrounded by a lot of inspiring, talented people. Youth of this era, especially, are just in droves ridiculously exceptional people at insanely young ages.

On top of that we’re a society that appreciates superlatives, so anything less often receives very little of the attention it deserves.

So we’re all very familiar with the The Best speakers and activists, singers and writers, athletes and performers. And it can be hard to look around and feel like to get any success or support, you must be The Best, which is an impossible starting point.

To be The Best, you must build connections and gain experience…you don’t just show up as The Best.

And in reference to the Instagram post, I think many of us doubt the worthiness and usefulness of the assignments in store for us–all because they don’t necessarily place us on a pedestal with the other superlatives of the world.

I struggled a long time with narrowing down what exactly was “my thing”…I was good at a lot, but not The Best. And while all along I’ve known that the way I get people, empathize and connect with people, has always been my strength, I spent so much time thinking “that’s not a purpose.” Did God really put me on this earth to “be nice”?

When there are world leaders and master orators and globally recognized humanitarians…?


It just didn’t seem sufficiently prestigious.


But as I get to know myself more deeply, I see clearly that my compassion and my heart leads everything I do. And it is the number one thing that is commented on in my life, more than my body or my clothes or even my smile. Which says something, especially for a woman in modern times.

My heart is being recognized above all things.

That is my assignment.

And I know now that it is no less prestigious than any other calling, and the impact I leave behind will be no less wide. I’m so happy I’ve grown to honor my role.

One day it may evolve into a role that brings me prestige, and maybe it won’t. But I will no longer allow that to determine the worthiness of my work. Because,


“You see, in the final analysis it is between you and God;
it was never between you and them anyway.”
-Mother Teresa

– ♥ Sade


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