10 Ways to Embrace Vulnerability: #5 – Be Your Own Devil’s Advocate

5. Be your own devil’s advocate 

Last week I mentioned the importance of admitting when you’re wrong. But on a related note, sometimes being vulnerable is just being willing to consider that you might be wrong, or that your way isn’t the only way.

When you find yourself attached to your argument, to your principles and beliefs, be willing to consider the other side. Engage yourself in debate as to why the alternate view has some points worth arguing.

Check your own ego when it gets into “right” mode and consider how someone else might be equally convinced you’re wrong.

both of these guys probably thinks the other is an idiot. …until they try walking to the other side

Even if you don’t change your own mind, doing this expands your view beyond the focus you’ve placed on your own “rightness”. It allows you to interact with people who oppose your views on a foundation of understanding, but respectful disagreement. That’s much firmer ground to start out on, versus adopting a “my way or the highway” attitude.

It doesn’t take much to say “Follow me, I’m right and they’re wrong.”

It takes a truly effective leader to say “There is merit in their argument too, but mine is most effective. Here’s why.”

Positive, effective change in the world comes from acknowledging every side of the story, not just your own.

– ♥ Sade



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