10 Ways to Embrace Vulnerability: #4 – Accept Constructive Criticism

4. Accept constructive criticism

When I was younger I was a pretty obedient kid, so punishments were something I received rarely.

But when I did get punished, oh boy. Bring the drama.

Funnily I didn’t really mind being spanked…it hurt, obviously, and I’d clearly rather not be getting my butt whooped. But once it was done it was done, and I was free to do whatever it is kids do.

But the punishments that really, really crushed me, were when my parents would sit me down and outline the ways I had disappointed them.  These were the “punishments” that were liable to send me Disney-princess-crying to my room, everything I believed about what a great daughter I was under question. Heart = broken.


Queen of the drama queens, that was me! lmao

But I do think that story reflects something we all struggle with: 

We don’t mind being corrected objectively, maybe for failing to follow rules or procedures.

But shine a light on our weaknesses or areas of fault, and we shut down.

The ego has an absolute hissy-fit when you force it to see itself as less than the perfectly-pedestaled idea it has of itself.

howdare ihavenever stevecarrell

The craziest part is the lengths we’ll go to absolve ourselves of responsibility in these cases.

We deny our weaknesses, place the blame elsewhere–anywhere–but with us. We’ll argue, guilt-trip, cry, even cut people out of our lives when they have the audacity to inform us of the ways we are imperfect.

But vulnerability comes from a place of knowing you aren’t perfect. And not sweating that because, no one else is either. And when you are able to forgive others for their imperfection, you are able to forgive yourself for the same.

Those who embrace vulnerability have no reason to hide from their weaknesses. They know them, and embrace them. They even welcome constructive criticism as an opportunity to reflect on the ways they can better themselves.

You do not take offense to being called out as imperfect when you fundamentally understand that everyone is.

Give yourself a break! Accept constructive criticism willingly, knowing there’s always room to grow.

– ♥ Sade



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