10 Ways To Embrace Vulnerability: #2 – Forgive Readily

2. Forgive readily.

I’m gonna keep this simple, because it’s something that I happen to seriously struggle with.

I’m a person who has a lot to give, but once it’s spent, I have a hard time not resenting all my wasted effort and good intentions. I don’t like it when my relationships don’t pan out as expected, and it’s only lately that I’m accepting that sometimes it’s no one’s fault.

There’s not always a need to point the finger and place blame. Sometimes things just are.

And sometimes, by doing nothing more than being his or her self, and that self not meshing with who you are, a person can hurt you. That’s a reality of life in a world with 7 billion people in it, who all see things in a completely unique way.

It’s no one’s fault. And that’s why we have to forgive readily.


We’re all constantly-growing, -maturing, -evolving humans, and we’ll all make mistakes.

Vulnerability is allowing someone who has hurt you the possible opportunity to hurt you again…that’s scary. Many a grudge has been justified with the idea that “it would be foolish to give that person a chance to burn me again”.

But vulnerability is the willingness to say to yourself “I’m imperfect, and so is this person. I can only hope that someone would be willing to forgive me if I stumble during this journey of life…and I will do my best to extend that grace to the next person.”

We’re all just out here trying to do our best with the lives we have.

So let’s lighten up on each other.

– ♥Sade


3 thoughts on “10 Ways To Embrace Vulnerability: #2 – Forgive Readily

  1. Sade, I stopped by to thank you for your like on Shift Key; then I read your post. Had some thoughts. I would have titled it: Forgive readily, but not too quickly. Along the way I’ve learned: We can’t be in a relationship any higher than our level of health (or dysfunction); and, nobody deserves abuse – ever! The healthier we become, the less likely we’ll be “hurt” or “abused.” I know the pain of child abuse and hurtful relationships. Forgiveness isn’t automatic. We need time to heal and process… then a time to forgive. (Sorry. I got carried away; I don’t like to see people hurt, as I am so familiar with abuse.) If we don’t heal and grow we repeat bad relationships. To your health, wholeness, and the joy of healthy, full relationships ahead.


    1. very true! as a person who has usually erred toward being over-cautious with my forgiveness in the past (as in, burn me once and there’s no turning back), this post is a new way of thinking for me. So I definitely see the logic in what you’re saying.
      I just finally began to realize that forgiveness is a gift to yourself, not the other person. They may never know you’ve forgiven them! Definitely not recommending reaching out to repair a toxic relationship.
      But holding onto that hurt or resentment never serves us, and I’m realizing that a lot of it–even abuse–comes out of people just being flawed in general.. People having their own issues.. People just trying [and possibly failing miserably] to figure life out, and you were just unfortunate enough to be around for it.
      anyway, I’ve gotten carried away myself now :) but thanks for your thoughts, I appreciate your perspective

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