A Day in the Life of an Ambivert: Going Out



After a teenytiny writing hiatus, I’m feeling like writing something fun. 

So I decided to write about my daily struggle–being an ambivert, when most people don’t even know it’s a thing.

Even WordPress puts a squiggly red line under ambivert every time I type it, and suggests “ambivalent” instead. (Come on WordPress, you’re late ;)

People not knowing it’s a thing can mean we ambiverts deal with some interesting situations. And since most of the literature you can look up is either for extroverts or introverts, we kind of have to roll with the punches and figure out how to best socially interact as we go along in life.

So let’s have a little laugh about the many things that make Ambivert Life interesting ;)

Going Out

You know you’re an ambivert when: you have a love-hate relationship with socializing.

A funny trend I notice in myself is that the idea of socializing sometimes drains me…

ughh I realllllly don’t feel like going to that birthday dinner tonight

…but the minute I actually get in the midst of socializing I’m flushed with energy and totally in my element.

umm I LOVE these girls, why do we not meet up every weekend?!
umm I LOVE these girls, why do we not meet up every weekend?!

This is the story of my life!!

It’ll be 8:30 pm on a Friday, and I’m happily relaxing at home after work. 10:00 is rolling around, and yes I know I made plans to go out with the girls…

But I don't really feellll like it

…But I don’t really feel like it.

I’m also much more of a day person than a night person, so getting me out to do anything after 9 will usually take some convincing.

But my friends already know that under that grandma exterior, I have the potential to be the life of the party.

Yes ma'am. I'm versatile.

 Yes ma'am. I'm versatile.
Yes ma’am. I’m versatile.

So they call ahead to double-confirm I’m coming, already knowing I’ll gladly hibernate inside and send no text/call/smoke signal that I’m changing my mind until it’s conveniently 9:59 and I’m not showered or dressed and OOPS guess I can’t go out!

omgosh look at the time.

But they know better. They called.

They ask if I’m almost ready to go and hear the hesitation in my voice…

“NO! Are you serious?! Get dressed, you’re coming!”


So I begrudgingly get up and get ready.

We go out as planned and…

…I have the best time ever.

partytime partytime2

Even though it happens this way every time, I still go through the saame cycle, every.single.weekend. 

resistance → reluctant acceptance → have the time of my life → repeat 

Sorry friends. Thanks for dealing with me! lol

The same thing happens on planes, when I’m sitting next to someone I can tell is chatty, dreading the moment they try to engage me in conversation because I’m not in the mood…but once they do we go back and forth happily about everything under the sun.

Same goes for being in any space where I’m meeting all new people…starts with dread, ends with that sparkly “I just love humans!!” glow.

…You’d think I’d just accept my pattern by now and go into every interaction enthused. But it’s easier said than done lol.

What can I say, I’m an ambivert! ;)


5 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of an Ambivert: Going Out

    1. lol! yea I don’t take it for granted! As homebody-ish as I like to act, I’m sure the minute invitations stopped coming I’d be sad about it :( #ambivertproblems haha. so I’m glad they don’t give up on me ;)

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