I’m Not Here for the Anti-Muslim Agenda

Question: Have you ever seen a photo like this? 
I was scrolling through Instagram, and couldn’t help but pause on this photo.

I examined it for a while wondering why it had pulled me…why was I drawn to it?

And I realized I’ve never seen a photo like this of Muslim U.S. servicemen!


You would think with all the divisiveness and misconception about Muslims in America, the media (or the army itself?) would make an effort to stand behind and highlight Muslim servicemen.
Like, why can’t we get a “Muslims – They’re Just Like Us!”
…unless that doesn’t fit in with the government or media agenda.

I find myself becoming more and more of a political skeptic these days.

Not because I’m prone to conspiracy theory thinking–I roll my eyes at people obsessed with Illuminati theories and stuff like that (though what do I know, they could be onto something…)

But I just think as a nation with so much money, power, and global respect we could be doing a lot more to promote the peace that we claim to want, but can never seem to achieve.

We are, and will continue to be, a major global power. The power is in our hands.

So you mean to tell me our government is doing all it can to achieve world peace, or at least make our nation a better place? I don’t buy it.

Especially not when I see how we spend our money and prioritize our national budget.

The ever-increasing budget for military.

The dwindling budget for education.

The shady practices surrounding the FDA, and even the FBI.

I’ve always been a girl who saw things through rose-colored glasses.

But when it comes to politics, I think the veil is slowly being lifted from my eyes.

Frankly, I’m no longer of the camp that assumes our leaders–who are human themselves, and fall victim to the same vices as you or me– can be trusted. There’s just too much evidence to the contrary for me to believe that without reservation.

The good side of this is it motivates me to stay very informed.

It’s so easy to be a passive citizen–tempting even, with all the madness and sadness in the news these days.

I would know…I spent a long time avoiding the news. Just broke my heart more often than not, and ignorance is bliss.

But I’ve realized that there really are endless agendas, strategies, and spins, from politicians and the media.

And without actively informing yourself from numerous standpoints, you will never have a full enough picture to have an educated opinion–or more crucially, an educated vote.

I wish more efforts went into promoting harmony and reason, instead of fanning the flames with sensationalism, fear-mongering, and thinly veiled hatred. Don’t even get me started on Donald Trump…
I know, I know. Do I even go here?  lol
I think this tweet sums up my opinions on the fear-mongering going on right now. Think about it.

We need to let our beliefs be fueled by reason, not fear. Consider me very anti-ISIS, and in no way anti-Muslim.

3 thoughts on “I’m Not Here for the Anti-Muslim Agenda

      1. I do wonder whether it might have something to do with our army being such a mix of countries. In WW2, we had the Australian’s, New Zealand, India, The Gurkahs (still part of our Army) The Irish, Candians I could go on.



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