About Sade

Vulnerability is the cornerstone of confidence. – Oprah


My name is Sade Ojuola.

And my goal is to get you to embrace vulnerability.

The short of it:

I am:
  • An Unapologetic Idealist. :)
  • Part intellectual, part absolute clown. :P
  • A lover of love and all things happiness. ♥
  • A borderline-annoyingly-positive Optimist (you’ll get used to it) ;)

The long of it:
  • I believe in using your skills, gifts, network..whatever you have to offer in the place you’re at right now…to help people.
  • My goal is to connect people to each other, and by doing so help them maximize their skills, reach their goals, and realize their highest potential.
  • I believe no one of us has all the answers, but all the answers can be found within the collective. Together, we have the answers we need.
  • I believe that everyone has unique wisdom that only they could know through their own journey. There is deep value in every individual story.

My message is to encourage people to be kind, be vulnerable.

Seek opportunities to be of service, to make a connection, to bridge the gap.

I believe in the interconnectedness of all people, and feel that the worst thing we can do in an interconnected world is perpetuate behaviors that encourage isolation.

I want to challenge the idea of “every man for himself” or “survival of the fittest” — and instead challenge us to explore the ideas of “each one teach one”, and “being my brother’s keeper”.

I warned you I was an Idealist right? ; -)

What do you believe? And what do you plan to do about it?

I hope I can help you answer that. Thanks for joining the movement.


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