Welcome to My Crib

Popping back in with some updates on life here in rural Thailand! When I was preparing to come here and teach, one thing I was really curious (and a little nervous) about was the housing situation. What would it be like? Would it be modern at all? Or a complete 180 from the American standards … Continue reading Welcome to My Crib


2016 Recap: Hello from Thailand

It's been almost a whole year since I updated this thing! Oowee. Lots has happened since my last post in January--life's been moving fast! But I finally feel like things have settled down enough to give this site some time again. ♥ Revisiting my last post, I can't help but smile & give myself a lil … Continue reading 2016 Recap: Hello from Thailand

Resolutions are for Suckas…What are Your *Intentions* for 2016?

I mentioned earlier that my New Year's resolutions aren't exactly things I expect to have completed by year's end...and I questioned if it even counts as a resolution in that case.  But it got me thinking. New Year's resolutions get a bad rap--"Only about 8 percent of people keep their resolutions all year long". Seems that … Continue reading Resolutions are for Suckas…What are Your *Intentions* for 2016?

Get Yourself A Mentor!

Are you guys into podcasts? I mentioned before that I'm a girl who likes to surround myself with positive energy & upliftment. And as you all know, that's a constant battle in a world of wars, discontentment, and disharmony. So podcasts, along with positive Instagram accounts, meditation audios, thoughtful articles, etc. are the many ways … Continue reading Get Yourself A Mentor!

I’m Not Here for the Anti-Muslim Agenda

Question: Have you ever seen a photo like this?  I was scrolling through Instagram, and couldn't help but pause on this photo. I examined it for a while wondering why it had pulled me...why was I drawn to it? And I realized I've never seen a photo like this of Muslim U.S. servicemen!   How?! … Continue reading I’m Not Here for the Anti-Muslim Agenda

Pretending I Died Might’ve Been the Best Thing I’ve Done This Year

I'm starting this post with some weird advice... Pretend you're dead. (trust me on this one) Probably one of the weirder suggestions you've gotten on a Monday morning. But I encourage this as an activity. Pretend you've died, and write your obituary. Doing this quickly became one of the most transformative exercises I'd ever done.   I'd … Continue reading Pretending I Died Might’ve Been the Best Thing I’ve Done This Year